The Process

Like Seriously, What Goes On Here?


First, we want to learn more about
you and your special event. This allows us
to develop a pizza menu that will delight
all of your guests.


We then prepare everything for
your big day in advance - with an
emphasis on using fresh and local ingredients.

Event Day

Finally, we bake our pizzas fresh
onsite for your special event. We'll bring
everything needed to make your catering
choice stress-free and delicious.


About Us

Pizza Tent is a mobile pizza catering and “pop-up” pizzeria concept that utilizes our small size to our advantage. Our speciality is serving small private events, with the occasional public event. We’re eager to use our business practices and profits for good – supporting local producers and providing meals to those in need. Let’s have a pizza party together soon!

The Pizza

Our pizza is Thin N’ Crispy (think New York style) and is made with only flour, water, salt and EVOO. These simple ingredients allow for our pizza dough to naturally ferment, which avoids the “post pizza nap” dilemma. We top our pizzas with homemade tomato sauce and an assortment of cheeses. Our ingredients are sourced locally when available and seasonal changes will be made to all specialty pie concepts.

Our Personality – Inspiration

Corey – our owner, operator and head pizza maker’s love for cooking started at a young age. Family dinner was a nightly priority, and sometimes all hands were needed to make that a reality. While attending college, Corey learned how to make pizza and become a CPA. Pizza Tent is the fusion of Corey’s passion for food and small business. Don’t be fooled by the small concept or lack of seating, the design was intentional. This low cost set-up allows us to only buy from other sustainable businesses we believe in and give back to our community. Pizza Tent is more than just pizza , it’s our representation of community. We’re here to make it a bit nicer than we found it.

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